The Kollmorgen AKM Series of servomotors from (, accommodate seven frame sizes, 25 stack/frame combinations, 77 different windings, and 19 mounting options. Users can also choose between several connection schemes, feedback options, shaft seals, and integral brakes. This gives users 12,000 over off-the-shelf solutions to their servomotor needs. The motors provide torque in the 0.2 to 53-Nm range, with speeds to 8,000 rpm. A balanced electromagnetic design eliminates side forces and vibrations for smooth performance without skewing the rotor or stator.

Size 1 AKM servo measures 40-mm square and is insulated for 240 Vac and has windings configured for low voltage dc, 120 Vac, or 240 Vac. All other motors are insulated for 480 Vac with winding options for low-voltage dc, and 120, 240, 400 or 480 Vac systems.

The motors are UL, cUL, and TUV listed, and carry the CE mark. The motors are potted and IP65-sealed to withstand harsh environments.