The Mac Series of servomotors from JVL in Denmark ( offer an ac servomotor and controller in a single unit, which also includes Hall sensors and an encoder. The motor has interfaces, or modules, for fieldbus and I/O such as DeviceNet, Profibus, highspeed RD-485 for streaming video, Bluetooth, and programmable I/O capable of 0.5 A. The motors come in two sizes.

The smaller size includes 50, 95, 140 and 141-W versions, while the larger size has only a 750-W motor. Standard flanges let Mac motors replace stepper motors without modifications. Motor parameters are set up and programmed via an RS-232 port using Windows MacTalk software.

Combining the motor and controller simplifies cabling and installation and increases reliability. There's also less noise stemming from external wiring. A sixth-order filter handles nonlinear and undamped systems. Optional modules include an RS-323/485 with D-sub connectors and status LEDs, a PLC interface for positioning via I/O, a PLC with eight optoisolated 24-V inputs and four outputs at 300 mA each. Other options include Profibus interface, CAN/DeviceNet interfaces, high-speed serial RS-485 for multiaxis applications, Bluetooth wireless interface, and multiple connector and cabling options.