The PMP120 120W ac/dc external power supplies measure 6.3 X 3 X 1.72 in. and can have Class I (with ground) or Class II (no ground) ac inputs. They meet EN60601-1 standards for safety and EMC performance. Their corrected power factor is 90-to-264-Vac input, and single-output models range from 12-to-48 Vdc. Input-to-output isolation is 4,000 Vac and leakage current is specified at 150 µA and maximum at 240 Vac. Efficiency is typically 85%, letting it run without a cooling fan. The operating temperature is 0 to 60°C, with derating after 40°C. Ripple and noise is specified at 2% peak-to-peak maximum and the devices have comprehensive protection circuitry.

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