CKK and CKR are now available for food and packaging operations requiring corrosion protection. Widely used for multiaxis pickand-place systems for assembly, medicaldispensing operations, and material handling in the packaging industry, the electromechanical actuators are designed for speed, precision, and heavy payloads. Modified versions with chrome-plated internal components handle damp environments and, in some cases, washdown. The units include Ball Rail System guides and a ballscrew drive (CKK) and belt-drive (CKR). Both are lubricated with food-grade grease, and full-contact seals ensure reliable operation. The low-profile, anodized aluminum housing can have holes added to allow fluids to drain safely, and stainless-steel external hardware resists corrosion. Typical applications include cartoners, laners, product sorting or diverting, filling, and dispensing machines.

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