The UL-recognized GSX Series actuators from Exlar Corp., Chanhassen, Minn. (, has been upgraded with T-LAM , a more efficient segmented motor-stator design. It reportedly delivers 50% more force than comparably sized actuators and lasts 15 times longer than comparably sized ball screws.

The device packs a brushless dc servomotor, inverted planetary roller screw, and an encoder/resolver feedback source into a single assembly, cutting costs and simplifying designs. It can be used in closed-loop servosystems and position feedback, including resolvers, and can be in a variety of forms to match customer needs. The device uses Class-180H insulation and an IP65-rated aluminum housing. The roller screw converts the motor's rotary motion into high-speed (40 ips), high-force (up to 13,500-lb continuous thrust) linear motion. The screw has a lead accuracy of 25 m/300 mm for precise motion and can be supplied with zero backlash.

Strokes range from 6 to 14 in. The smooth rod lets the device use a bushing and seal arrangement, which keeps abrasive particles and other contaminants from entering the cylinder. It can be lubricated by grease with up to 10,000 hr between regreasings, or by recirculated oil, in which case there's never a need for relubrication.