The Geo Brick from Delta Tau, brings together the intelligence and capability of the PMAC2 motion controller with the latest IGBT-based drive technology in one, compact smart 4-axis servo drive package. The flexible nature of the PMAC2 enables the Geo Brick to drive Brush, Brushless or AC induction motors with unsurpassed pure digital DSP performance. The absence of analog signals required for typical motion controller/drive interfacingenables higher gains, better overall performance and tighter integration, while significantly driving costs and setup time down.

The embedded PMAC2 motion controller in the Geo Brick 400 is programmable for virtually any kind of motion control application and it includes PLC programming features for complete machine logic control.

The integrated design of the drive and motion controller provide access of all diagnostic information such as amplifier faults, bus voltage, axis currents, phase current, heatsink temperature, etc. This data can be accessed by the PMAC and available to user-written motion control programs.

The Geo Brick is scaleable automation and control. If your application requires only I/O-driven smart servo control where the motion is coordinated by a machine controller such as a PLC, the Geo Brick is ideal due to its ability to store programs locally and execute them based on inputs, Ethernet or high-speed USB 2.0-based communication.

On the other hand, if your application requirements call for a complete machine controller with PLC functionality, motion control, expandable I/O via ModBus TCP master, an HMI terminal via ModBus TCP slave or even a PC-based HMI package connected via USB 2.0 or Ethernet, the Geo Brick 400 is the answer.