Brilliance VideoTwist UTP cables from Belden Electronics Div., Richmond, Ind. (, can carry both data and video, and are easier to install than coax. The cables offer low skew and reduced return losses. They transmit video signals out to 1,300 ft or more and, coupled with the proper transmission equipment, improve video quality by better aligning pixels, reducing vertical bands and ghosting, and sharpening images by supplying cleaner edges. There are three types of Brilliance cables, all available in plenum and riser versions. Nanoskew 7987P and 7987R, for video only, have the best skew characteristics and the longest transmission distances. 7988P and 7988R meet TIA/EIA Category 5e standards and can handle component video, data, and KVM applications. 7989P and 7989R meet TIA/EIA Category 6 standards. The latter two types use bonded-pair construction, so conductor-toconductor spacing is uniform throughout the length of the cable, even after the rigors of installation.