uses CAN-networked controls to monitor attachment angles, display position, and provide precise control. Designed for excavating, grading, and leveling, the system can be retrofit onto construction equipment or integrated into OEM design. It is comprised of an HMI display module with integral I/O networked with CANopen, inclinometer modules to sense angle in one or two planes mounted on the boom and/or bucket attachment, and an optional multipurpose I/O module to drive multiple proportional hydraulic valves and provide digital I/O as needed.

HMI displays collected data and monitors remotely and quickly the position of the bucket. It also connects to joysticks and switches, and offers flexible communications with four RS-232 ports, two CAN ports, Ethernet, and USB link to a PC.

Inclinometers are available with two measurement axes, including one with a range of 90° to 90° in one direction. A two-axis version uses two perpendicular measurement axes with the same range.

Multipurpose I/O for proportional and on/off valves can be used for stand-alone and networked applications. Different I/O are offered, controlled by CANopen, RS-232, or application-specific protocols, including eight pnp (active high) inputs (can be changed to 4 npn types), or analog inputs for 24-V VDO automotive sensors. Analog inputs can be factory-configured for other signals, and digital outputs have current limitation of 3 A/channel.

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