HuckLok in 316 and 14-in. sizes work with a large range of metals, dense plastics, composites, and in assembly applications such as truck bodies and HVAC equipment. The wide grip (from 116 to 114 in.) works when material thickness might preclude conventional blind fasteners. Shear-ring design makes the wide grip range possible. After clamping, the shear ring breaks free from the pin and embeds into the mandrel catch grooves, expanding the blindside sleeve to the maximum. The clamp is consistent throughout the fastener grip range. The fastener bridges the gap between conventional structural blind rivets and blind bolts. Its strength results from the double-locking design, which locks assemblies from both sides. The oversized footprint, or bulb, provides additional strength. This large blindside area nearly eliminates pull-throughs. Minimum shear strengths for the 316 and 14-in. fasteners are 1,900 and 3,500 lb, respectively; minimum tensile strengths, 1,000 and 1,900 lb, respectively. The rivets come with zinc-plated, clear-chromate-finished steel pins and sleeves, and install in seconds.

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