Ratchet efficiency is said to be 90%, compared to the 30 to 70% of Acmestyle leadscrews. The ball screws run at speeds of over 2,000 ipm and operate at normal efficiency between 65 to 300°F with suitable lubricants. Straightness is specified at 0.010-in./ft and will not exceed 0.025-in. TIR over the screw's entire length. Available diameters are 3/8, 1/2, and 5/8 in. and lengths up to 72 in. Three ball-nut configurations are available in single circuit, dual circuit, and preloaded styles and support maximum operating loads to 1,650 lb. Leadscrew accuracy is 0.003 in./ft for precision rolled and 0.007 in./ft for the industrial rolled version. Positional repeatability is 0.00005 in.

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