The Streamium MC-i200 micro hi-fi system is an Internet audio player. The MC-i200, from Philips Audio, a div. of Royal Philips Electronics, Netherlands, ( connects to online radio stations as well as digital music services such as AOL Music. A large, five-line LCD continuously shows what's playing and the name of the artist, regardless of whether the track is being streamed or played back via a CD.

The MC-i200 connects directly to cable or DSL broadband Internet service by a home network router. It also connects to a PC to transfer files. The micro system delivers 100 W and plays back from both CD-R and CD-RW discs. An MP3PRO format uses less space than standard MP3 files. The system also has a conventional AM/FM tuner.

Features include aluminum-alloy flat speaker cones said to produce a lower and louder bass line than current micro hi-fi systems. Price: $399.99.