A plug-and-play satellite radio gives listeners access to 101 channels just about anywhere. The Delphi XM SKYFi Radio, from Delphi Product and Service Solutions, Troy, Mich. (www.delphi.com), and XM Satellite Radio, Washington, D.C. (www.xmradio.com), is a compact unit said to have the most advanced user features of any satellite radio yet.

The SKYFi receiver features a large display that shows channel number and name, channel category, artist name, and song title. Twenty channels can be preset via the receiver or remote control.

The SKYFi audio system is a portable unit that integrates with the receiver via a dock. It's essentially a boombox that contains a pair of high-quality speakers with an integrated high-gain antenna. Power comes from an ac adapter or batteries. An adapter lets SKYFi work with any car stereo. Also, a vehicle FM modulator kit can be installed for a wireless look.

A high-gain indoor/outdoor antenna and adapters let the system connect to home-audio systems. Price: $129 for SKYFi receiver; $99 for SKYFi audio system; and $69 for home or vehicle adapter kit.