AC Technology, a member of the Lenze Group, announces the release of its Model 940 PositionServo Drive. The new PositionServo is described by the company as combining a high-performing servo drive with a simple, yet robust motion controller and is available at an incredible low price. "Now you can program precise motion profiles with ease, simplicity, low-cost and high performance," says Deb Moline, Marketing Manager, who adds "The addition of the Model 940 allows one to deploy simple servo solutions for both centralized and decentralized applications; the Model 940 uses a BASIC-like motion-programming language to provide high-performance indexing and positioning, but it can also accept traditional drive signals (analog and step/dir) from a motion controller."

According to company officials, Ethernet also plays a very important role in the success of the Model 940, as today's customers require open standards and the ability to leverage economies-of-scale associated with the worldwide PC market. "Ethernet on the Model 940 allows our customers the complete package - ease of use, high speed connectivity, and low cost," Moline explains.

The Electronic Programmable Module or EPM, a specially designed removable memory chip, is another innovative feature of the Model 940. With the EPM, servo control parameters and motion control programs can be transferred from one drive to another in seconds - even without power applied.

A member of the Lenze Group, AC Technology (AC Tech) develops, manufactures and markets a complete range of motion control solutions, including servo drives and motors, clutches and brakes, gears and gear motors and variable frequency AC motor drives. Since 1947, Lenze/AC Tech has offered a complete range of motion control solutions and an unprecedented level of support.

Deb Moline, Marketing Manager
AC Tech Corporate Headquarters
630 Douglas Street
Uxbridge, MA 01569
Phone: (508) 278-9100