A long-life 3.6-V lithium thionyl chloride battery delivers continuous around-the-clock power for 20+ years in temperatures as low as -80°C. The batteries handle cold-chain requirements, including foods, medical supplies, and medical samples that are frozen or packed in dry ice. Batteries modified for the cold chain are available in ½ AA, 2/3 AA, AA, C, D, and DD cylindrical cells, as well as wafer cells and battery packs.
Currently used in data loggers and sensors, lithium thionyl chloride cells use a nonaqueous electrolyte that can withstand temperatures down to –55°C. Cells modified to withstand –80°C temperatures are ideal for sensors that require high capacity, high energy density, and extremely long life in cold environments. Features include two times the energy density; 20+ year service life, small form factor, and a glass-to-metal hermetic seal (not crimped elastomer gasket).
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