Get ready for 3D printing technology to change the process of developing new products. That is the message coming from Greg Olsen, a senior industrial designer specializing in user research, user interface design, human factors, human machine inteface and multi-media visualization. In a presentation during next week's MD&M West 2014 conference, Olsen will cover how 3D modeling is now leading to more cross-pollination among teams involved in various aspects of product design, development, and manufacturing.

"It used to be that 3D printing was only of interest to one or two little teams tucked away somewhere," says Olsen. "Now, the interest in the technology spans the whole organization." 

Olsen says new kinds of 3D printers now hitting the market will be more than interesting to different functional areas; in fact, they can really help the teams that use them to excel and outshine their competitors.

Olsen will outline these trends on Tuesday afternoon during the session, Accelerating Speed to Market Through Effective Prototyping and 3D Printing.