Engineers at IMS Gear Planetary Gears Inc., with U.S. headquarters in Virginia Beach (, have designed a range of modular planetary gears that give OEMs and designers a choice of over 10,000 different configurations in metal and plastic. Diameters range from 22 to 120 mm. The drives can be adapted to any motor and the manufacturer provides a wide range of input and output options. The wide selection of seals together with grease-based lubrication means the drives can be installed in any position and are maintenance-free for life. To reduce inertia, lighter-weight plastic gears can replace metal ones. There are also components with helical gearing that reduce operating noise. High-grade needle bearings reduce friction even with a mix of metal and plastic gears. All-metal designs operate in temperatures from –30 to 140°C, while plastic components can withstand temperatures from –15 to 65°C.

Edited by Stephen J. Mraz