The ¾-in. Dr. Flank Drive impact socket wrenches and combination wrenches from Snap-on Industrial, Kenosha, Wis. (, deliver up to 20% more turning power, thanks to the geometry of the sockets. The shape of the drive moves the contact area away from the corner of the nut or bolt and provides a flat-to-flat surface contact area. And by not putting a load on the nut’s corners, the risk of slipping or rounding off the head is eliminated.

The sockets are heat treated and have a lower hardness than hand sockets. This lets them withstand the repeated cycling loads of impact tools and lengthens their service lives. The sockets exceed ANSI standards, and the combination wrenches meet ANSI/ASME Standard B107, 100‑2002, and Aerospace Standard AS954e 3.8.1.

Edited by Stephen J. Mraz