Expanded line of industrial electromechanical relays accommodates myriad applications — including those for power and hazardous locations.

Features & benefits

  • APR40 series power relays, available in SPDT, DPST, and DPDT models, feature open-construction design with high-power contacts capable of switching up to 40 A with a maximum contact voltage to 600 V

  • H782/H750 series Hazardous Location electromechanical relays are hermetically sealed plug-in style control relays designed for applications requiring sealed units for hazardous factory locations; high vibration and shock resistance; available with relay coil voltages of 110/120 Vac, 220 Vac, 12-V ac/dc and 24-V ac/dc

  • Solid State Relay (SSR) line includes AD-SSR6 series panel mount relays; Class 6 solid state relays withstand load ratings from 10 to 75 Amps in a finger-safe “hockey puck” type housing; includes thermal mounting pad

  • AD-SSR8 series features general-purpose solid state relays, offering energy-efficient current switching in a slim housing suited for space-saving applications

  • AD-HSSR8 series HAZLOC solid state relays are Class 8 hazardous location relays approved for Class 1, Div. 2 (Groups A, B, C, D); switching types include dc switching for dc loads and Zero Cross for resistive ac loads; 8 to 15 Amp contact ratings

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