Question & Answers

Q. Can all types of motors operate in the linear profile mode?
All brushless motors can handle this profile. But it may not be the best choice for brush-type. Brush commutation limits usable acceleration torque.

Q. Which profile lets motors run coolest?
Parabolic. Acceleration (highest current draw) is maximum at zero speed. As speed increases, acceleration decreases, allowing the motor to cool.

Q. What type of move profile has the lowest shock load?
Try an S-curve profile. It's also good for reducing settling time, although it limits peak and rms torque. Also, you may not want to use it with brushtype motors. It has a tendency to wear out brushes quickly.

Motion profiles

Selecting the right motors, drives, and amplifiers is a lot easier if you first define the move profile. The information it provides on how position changes over time, can tell you what stresses the motor will undergo. Choosing a motor based on these requirements will result in less downtime for your motion system. The most common profiles are linear and its triangular and trapezoidal variants, parabolic, and S-curve.