Manufacturers using compressed air need to "prep" the air before it is suitable for machine use. To avoid the hassle of purchasing, installing, and maintaining three separate devices for filtering, regulating, and lubricating, the C1000, C3000, C4000, and C8000 Series of air-preparation devices from CKD USA Corp., Rolling Meadows, Ill. (, combines all three functions in modular units.

Maximum working pressure in these units is 1 Mpa(145 psi), and they will withstand 1.5 Mpa (218 psi). They filter down to 5 µm, but a 0.3-µm filter option effectively separates tar and carbon. The devices work in temperatures from 5 to 60°C. Though it is a polycarbonate bowl is standard in the lubricator, nylon and aluminum bowls are available.