The FPG fuseholder Series offers increased ratings to 16 A @ 400 Vac. The Series offers seven mounting options: front or rear-panel mount, threaded-neck panel mount, snap-in or press-in panel mount, through hole, or SMD PCB mount. A special thermoplastic version is also available that meets IEC 60335-1 edition 4.0 for appliances in unattended use.

The FPG Series is available with IP40 or IP67 seal protection for 5 × 20-mm fuses with front and rear-panel mounting and either vertical or horizontal PCB mounting. Terminal connections are made with quick-connect, solder, and PCB pins.

The FPG fuseholder has a rated power acceptance of 2.5 W @ 10 A with an operating temperature of –40 to 85°C.

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