The Smart Force family of dc-ac inverters from Endicott Research Group Inc., Endicott, N.Y., power electroluminescent (EL) backlit LCDs and lighting. Smart Force inverters automatically adjust operating voltage and frequency as lamps age to prolong lamp life. A vacuum-encapsulated design gives excellent shock and vibration resistance in harsh and demanding industrial environments.

Applications include process control, automotive instrument panels, military displays, medical instrumentation, signage, consumer products, wireless devices, and numerous specialty applications such as "smart-glass" privacy-tint laminations for windows.

The inverters come in standard, mini, and low-profile packages. LPS Series inverters power conventional foil EL lamps in backlighting applications. Lowpower consumption (less than 400-mW/unit load) maximizes lamp effectiveness in battery-operated devices. The JLA Series match the qualities of lamps such as those incorporated into LCD modules from Epson, Hitachi, Optrex, Seiko, Sharp, Toshiba, and other manufacturers. The P Package has the same capability as standard-sized JLA or LPS Series inverters, but in a smaller package.

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