That can mean a lot of work disconnecting and reconnecting cables when equipment is changed or moved. To reduce this problem, Omron Electronics Components, Schaumburg, Ill. (, developed an IP67-rated M12 connector that can be hooked up in one-tenth the time it takes to install screw-style connections. An XS5 Series connector rotates one-eighth of a turn to lock in place, and remains locked regardless of the shock or vibration it might endure, according to the company. The connectors also can’t be under or overtightened, two conditions that cause problems with other styles of cable connectors. Instead, technicians know the Omron connector is properly installed when they hear a “click.” XS5 connectors are also backward compatible in that they will work with screw-on plugs and sockets.

The plastic shell connectors have four circuits rated at 4 A at 250 Vac (version A) or dc (version D). The XS5F is single-ended socket; the XS5H a single-ended plug; and the XF5W is a doubleended socket/plug.

Bayonet lock