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B+ Equipment, France, created Ultipack, a machine that wedges a corrugated cardboard blank over articles in boxes for shipment.

Ultipack glues a distortable corrugated blank inside the box with hot-melt to secure the items for shipping and offers the same protection despite machine throughput, box-filling ratio, articles weight, or storage time after shipping.

The corrugated wedges cost, on average, four times less than void fill material such as Styrofoam peanuts or inflated bags. The tray and lid combinations also cost an average of 20% less than standard RSC boxes.

Tear-tapes on the boxes keep contents secure and require no cutter for opening. The Ultipack itself is made of corrugated blanks, which is better for the environment.

Furthermore, trays and glued lids meet RSC taped-box resistance standards with lower corrugated grades. The line includes three machines: tray erectors or case formers, Ultipack wedging machines, and lidding machines. The line accepts multi-height boxes and automatically closes them.

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