Coming to a town near you is the Rollin Your Way bus tour featuring biopharmaceutical fluid-handling products from six partner companies, including Colder Products Co., St. Paul, ( CPC is showing off its new Steam-Thru Connection (STC) devices, essentially a valve and connection in one. The STC is said to eliminate expensive, labor-intensive steps used in traditional steam-sterilization processes. Steam passes

directly through the connection into a steam trap. This significantly reduces contamination risks of "dead legs" tied to multiconnection steam-in-place applications. Colder Products will also present a technical seminar on that subject during the tour. Other traveling CPC products include the MPC/MPX Series, HFC-39, and DrumQuik system couplings.

Also on tour are flexible tubing products, media bags, mixing technology, tubing retainers, and bioprocessing systems from partner sponsor companies C-Flex, TC Tech, LevTech Inc., Consolidated Polymer Technologies, and SciLog Inc. For information on tour locations and dates see