To make the vials, collars, and caps, RPC uses coinjection, overmolding, ultrasonic welding, and a recently developed technique of partial electroplating to create a translucentmetallic finish.

The vial, which is injected in copolyester, has a strong geometric shape despite large variations in wall thickness. The surface is hot-stamped with the Lancme logo before it’s overprinted with a clear tampo print to boost scuff resistance.

To get the metallic-looking collar, the neck is coinjection molded from two polymers, and then partially electroplated by a proprietary technique. The insert-molded cap is also plated, and then overmolded with high-clarity Surlyn resin from DuPont, Wilmington, Del. The complete pack is produced on fully automated lines with camera inspection and tests for air tightness.