The Easy-2-Combine systems lets users construct multiaxis motion systems from standard
The Easy-2-Combine systems lets users construct multiaxis motion systems from standard

Providing modular solutions for common handling and pick-and-place processes is the focus of the Easy-2-Combine system from Bosch Rexroth, Lexington, Ky. ( It lets users combine individual linearmotion components, pneumatically driven rotary actuators, as well as specialty units such as grippers and assembly tools, into multiaxis automation systems.

Options include a broad spectrum of aluminum profiles and ball screw, toothed belt, and linear-motor drives. These ready-to-install modules are said to offer high dynamic response, load capacity, and rigidity, according to company officials.

Parts attach via standardized interfaces with centering elements for interlocking and mounting. Sensors and the air supply can connect at several positions throughout the system, making complicated and expensive connection kits unnecessary.

Many components have adjustable endposition settings that reduce commissioning time.

One handling component, for example, is the Non-Contact Transfer unit (NCT), a picking device that operates on the Bernoulli principle. Airflow under the NCT creates a vacuum between the unit's center and circumference. Objects do not attach to the NCT surface, making it suitable for delicate items. It can handle electronic circuit boards, paper and plastic bags, and objects with perforations and rough surfaces. The NCT is available in four sizes and a variety of designs with lift capacities to 0.9 kg each. Multiple NCTs can be used together to lift more weight.

Easy-2-Combine configuration software lets users quickly design, specify, and assemble complete multiaxis systems. This reduces construction and commissioning costs of pneumatic systems.