The INTEGRAmotor 34B4/FV-5N is a combination of four components — a 34B brushless-dc motor, right-angle gearhead, built-in PWM speed control, and an optical encoder. The 24-Vdc gearmotors are suitable for portable or remote applications where connection to an ac line is not possible.

The gearmotors provide ¼ hp (187 W) and up to 104-lb-in. (12-Nm) continuous torque. Available gear ratios range from 5:1 to 40:1 and rated output speeds are from 63 to 500 rpm. Output speed is controlled via a digital PWM interface. An integrated control accepts inputs from an external motion controller or PLC. An enclosed 1,024 PPR, two-channel, optical encoder provides closed loop feedback to the external controller.

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