The PJPL Series linear hybrid stepper motor converts rotary motion to linear motion. The motors are available with a 28-mm (PJPL28) or 42-mm frame size (PJPL42) and feature 0.005-mm resolution, 200 steps/rev, 40-mm stroke length, dielectric strength of 500 V
(1 min), and 2-2 phase excitation modes.

The PJPL28 motors offer rated voltage of 2.66 V, 0.95 A of rated current, a resistance of 2.8 Ω, and 1-mH inductance. The PJPL42 version offers 2.80 V of rated voltage, a rated current of 1.2 A, a resistance of 2.3 Ω, and 1.5-mH inductance.

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