This paper addresses a common question asked of a slip ring supplier, “Will your slip rings handle video signals?” The short answer is, yes, there is a slip ring solution for every rotating video problem. The long answer is now available in this white paper. What are the important parameters to understand when specifying a slip ring for video applications and what slip ring features ensure specification compliance? Even more important, how should a slip ring to be used in a video application be specified? Slip rings are required to “de-rotate” a signal coming from a rotating platform, such as a rotating gimbal of a scanning vision system. CCTV is one common application, but sophisticated multi-spectral surveillance vision systems also require slip rings to carry signals from infrared (IR), day, and night cameras from a rotating to a stationary platform. As these designs continue to transition from standard or analog video to high definition (HD) digital video, slip ring designs have kept up with the increased bandwidth requirements.