Hose clamps are made in a variety of types to match load, assembly, and cost specifications. Although there are many modifications within each type, the four major ones are worm-gear drive, latch, ear, and quick-connect straps.

Worm-gear metal hose clamps are available in different sizes for many load conditions. Most have a smooth internal face to avoid damage to hose surfaces. Latch clamps often have a ratchet tooth-locking action to retain clamping load. Typically used for light loads, the clamps are tightened in place with pliers.

Single-use ear clamps are usually applied in light-load situations. The clamp is slipped over a hose or duct and the ears are crimped with special tools.

Quick-connect straps are suitable for large-diameter ducts and light loads. The strap is pulled to a loose fit, then tightened by turning the screw.