And how much of that precious time could you spend on more lucrative activities? When you consider that most professionals spend up to 85% of their time writing, this is one money leak that could amount to thousands of dollars annually.

How prevalent is poor writing in the workplace? According to the College Board's National Commission on Writing, one-third of today's employees lack appropriate writing skills. This means that brochures are ineffective, reports are unclear, e-mails are indecipherable, and writing, in general, is way below par. Companies that want to compete in today's marketplace need employees who can write clearly, accurately, and concisely.

In their new book, Write It Right: The Ground Rules for Self-Editing Like the Pros, self-editing experts Dawn Josephson and Lauren Hidden provide a practical five-step process for self-editing that will let employees write stronger, more powerful text. The authors also include a section on grammar and usage, with tips and examples of how to overcome the most common writing challenges that plague writers.