A visible red-sensing beam and precision background suppression circuitry let the World-Beam QS30AF sensor detect only objects within the defined sensing field while ignoring those beyond a cutoff point of up to 300 mm (12 in.). Typical applications include feature detection, edge detection, detecting material runout, proper fill level or presence and absence detection for packaging, material handling, printing, automotive, and the feederbowl industry. A built-in microprocessor simplifies setup and an eight-segment LED bar graph shows unit status.

The sensor can be programmed on-the-fly while the machine is running, taking multiple samples of the reflective conditions and automatically setting the cutoff point halfway between the target and background. Pushbuttons can be disabled remotely to prevent undesired tampering at the sensor. The sensor works on 10 to 30 Vdc and has a maximum output rating of 150 mA for each output. It can be set for light operate (N.O.) or dark operate (N.C.), and features a bipolar configuration with one npn (current sinking) and one pnp (current sourcing) output.

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