Groschopp engineers Ron Didier and Jared Birk of Groschopp Inc., Sioux Center, Iowa, will return to the web for the company's annual educational webcast on April 16 at 2 p.m. EST. The curriculum is designed for mechanical, electrical, and OEM design engineers who would like to learn more about the broad topic of efficiency as it relates to motors and gearmotors in OEM applications.

Efficiency will be explored as it relates to other design considerations such as power source, motor and gearbox types, operating cost, temperature, purchase cost, and size. Didier and Birk will show how to effectively and efficiently match the components to achieve both performance points and energy efficiency for the overall system, including a discussion of which combinations may be better, or worse, than others. Application examples will be used to illustrate cases when a more efficient, and often more costly, motor or gearmotor does and does not make sense over the life of an application.

Webcast attendees will receive a bonus — an early release of the new STPe desktop design tool, which allows engineers to calculate operating cost based on speed, torque, and power performance parameters and local power costs.

For more information or to register for the free webcast, visit