To solve this problem, Wago, Germantown, Wis. (, has developed the X-Com System (769 Series) of terminal blocks with pluggable field wiring for quick, error-free installation of controls.

A range of terminal blocks and plugs lets users create self-contained plug-in connection systems. The blocks include base receptacle blocks with two connections for either two plugs or one plug and a Wago Cage Clamp and two-way jumping. The clamps provide low resistance and withstand vibrations.

The system includes blocks for fuse plugs and electronic components, and blocks in disconnect, diode, and LED versions. Printed-circuit-board headers and chassis-mount connectors are also available. This lets users install preassembled modules and branch with single conductors and female plugs. The preassembled modules plug into DIN 35 rail-mounted receptacle terminals and save on installation and maintenance.