The lightweight V-Flange Ring from George Fischer Corp., ( which is headquartered in Switzerland, uses a V-shaped groove on the inner diameter to distribute force evenly on the flange adapter. This strengthens the connection and makes it more durable. The all-plastic ring is made of fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene, letting it weigh one-third less than steel-cored versions. Plastic also prevents piping components in the flange connection from creeping, a problem with steel flanges. And the symmetrical design ensures error-free installation.

The rings resist UV light and hydrolysis, letting them work where polyester flanges won't. There are no joining seams, so there are few internal stresses, which lowers the risk of stress cracking and accidents. The V flanges range in diameter from 8 to 12 in. and meet ANSI Class 150 standards. They work in temperatures up to 176°F, and can be recycled or disposed of without endangering the environment.