A new series of straight (SA) and tapered-bore (TA) tension-control brakes from Nexen Group Inc., Vadnais Heights, Minn. (www.nexengroup.com), feature finned rotors for cooling and hightemperature O-rings and bearings, which let the brakes run at maximum thermal capacities. Air pressure regulates brake torque, ensuring consistent tension while unwinding paper, film, foil, or fabric. Split friction pads can be changed without removing or disassembling the brake. This reduces downtime and maintenance costs. The SA brake comes fully assembled and self-contained, making it simple to mount on an unwind shaft. TA brakes mount with standard QD bushings. Both versions are available with standard, lowcoefficient, or ultralowcoefficient friction facings, letting the brakes fulfill a variety of torque requirements. Both styles of brakes are dimensionally interchangeable with their predecessors, the S & T Models, allowing for easy upgrades on existing machinery.