Joining the company's ARSAPE product line is the ADM 0620 stepper motor. Its 6-mm outer diameter, 9.3-mm length, and 1.4-gm weight make it the smallest, produced in series, two-phase stepper motor in the world, according to the company. Designed for voltages between 3 and 6 V, the ADM 0620's inertial rotor moment is 0.7 10- 9 kg-m2 and angular acceleration reaches 165,000 rad/sec for a power rating of 125 to 250 mW. Operating temperature is 40 to 70°C. The standard motors have a sintered bearing, but ball bearings are also available. Applications include precision medical instruments, optical instrumentation, security and inspection systems, microactuators, and those where size, cost, and reliability are important.

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