Zeotherm 100-60B, a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), is based on polyacrylate (ACM) elastomers dispersed in a polyamide (nylon) matrix. It features heat resistance of 175°C, hot-oil resistance, and a rubberlike flexibility. The TPE can be overmolded and welded (spin or hot plate) to rigid polyamide parts. This combination allows parts to have rigid sections and be flexible in others. 100-60B has a flex modulus of 8.5 MPa versus a comparable Durometer AEM thermoset rubber compound at 7.5 MPa. It has a 60 Shore A Durometer, continuous-use temperature of 150°C in both air and hot engine oil in excess of 1,000 hr. For short-term intermittent exposures, it resists temperatures to 175°C. Under similar conditions, conventional TPEs reportedly have heat resistance limited to 125°C or less.

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