The Ti20 thermal imager is a portable, fully radiometric camera that measures temperature from 10 to 350°C (14 to 662°F) without contact. The unit measures absolute temperature with 14-bit resolution over 4,800 pixels. Both thermal image and temperature reading are displayed on a 5.5X 7.5-cm color LCD. The menu interface and three-step point, focus, and shoot operation lets novice users learn how to capture and store images in the field. Users can adjust critical parameters including emissivity, reflected temperature compensation (RTC) values, palette, level and span, and high and lowtemperature alarms either in camera or by using the InsideIR software. Capturedimageanalysis tools include point measurement, area measurement, and horizontal and vertical-axis profiles. Users may save images in standard graphical formats for insertion into presentations and save full reports in Word, Excel, PDF, and RTF document formats. The Ti20 stores 50 images and runs for 3.5 hr on standard AA batteries. A rechargeable battery pack is available.

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