Temperature Control System Reduces Variability in Precision Fluid Dispensing Processes

The ProcessMateTM 6500 Temperature Control System from EFD, Inc. eliminates temperature fluctuations in assembly fluids that can cause variations in shot size, viscosity and pot life when dispensing solder pastes, thermal-cure epoxies and other temperature-sensitive materials.

With many temperature-sensitive materials, increases as small as 1°C (1° - 2°F) due to nearby equipment or operator handling can cause a variety of problems, including clogged dispensing needles, inconsistent shots and wasted material.

The ProcessMate 6500 system prevents these problems by maintaining precise temperature control within +/- 0.10°C across an operating range of 10° - 40°C (18° -72°F). The result is more consistent fluid deposits and better process control.

The ProcessMate is a compact, stand-alone system designed for use with air-powered benchtop dispensers and automated dispense valves. Simple to install and inexpensive to operate, it offers a cost-effective alternative to the large, expensive environmental control systems typically used for rooms and machine enclosures.

The ProcessMate 6500 System is available with a comprehensive and customizable line of static-dissipative enclosures for automated, handheld, benchtop and cartridge dispensing applications.

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