The TT Table-Top Robot has a rigid base of extruded aluminum, a highaccuracy ball screw, and servocontrol motor that provides position repeatability of ±0.02 mm and eliminates misstepping. Path accuracy and constant speed are attained through a built-in X-SEL controller. Programming the TT is done with a teach pendant or PC software. The robot comes in either gate or cantilever types.

The gate-type Y axis is fixed for high rigidity to withstand unbalanced loads. Gate types are also recommended for applications where the Z axis receives a heavy load and where a large portion of the load overhangs the slider. The cantilever type provides a wideopen work surface to accommodate larger loads or those with an irregular shape in a fixed condition.

The TT Type 2020 operating range handles 200 ×200 mm while the Type 4040 works over a 400 × 400-mm range. Two or three-axis models may be specified. The three-axis version comes standard with a Z-axis brake to keep the slider from falling when power is off. Data acquisition and transmission is handled via DeviceNet, CC-Link, ProfiBus, or Ethernet.

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