Lin Engineering, in conjunction with the German based Trinamic Microchips GmbH, is proud to introduce the StallGuard™. This new technology capable of sensorless stall detection without the need for an encoder, is available in the TMC246 and TMC249 driver chips.

The TMC246 is a dual full bridge driver IC for bipolar step motor control. The user is given the choice to operate at high temperatures of up to 105° C or at high currents of up to 1.5 Amps/phase. Its low current consumption and high efficiency together with the Internal DACs allow for microstepping as well as smart current control that allows for cool motor and driver operation. The device can be controlled via serial interface (SPI™) or via analog/digital input signals. Short-circuit, temperature, under-voltage and over-voltage protection are all integrated.

The TMC249 is the high current version of the TMC246. It is able to support up to 75VDC/10A set by external MOSFETs. This drive chip can also be used for unipolar step motors. Only 4 external PMOS transistors are required for unipolar operation.

The TMC246 and TMC249's ability to predict an overload makes these chips an optimum choice for drives where high reliability is desired. The integrated unique sensorless stall detection, StallGuard™, makes them a great choice for applications where a reference point is needed, but where a switch cannot be used.

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