Regenerative drives

ACS800 series of fully-integrated, regenerative ac drives are offered in 7.5 to 125 hp and with harmonic-distortion levels lower than conventional 18-pulse drive products.


  • Designed for operation of 208 to 240 Vac and 380 to 480 Vac
  • NEMA Type 1 protection
  • Low-harmonic LCL line filter, flexible I/O, and control panel are standard
  • Start-up assistant provides menu-driven help to set parameters

New Berlin, Wis.
(262) 785-3590
Circle 245

Variable frequency ac drives

SECO-brand Bronco variable frequency ac drives feature an isolated front end for reliable operation and voltage doubler circuit with output of 230 Vac to a motor from a 115 Vac supply.


  • Accept speed reference signal without separation card; available for up to 1.5 hp
  • Available in chassis, NEMA 4 cast aluminum, and NEMA 4x USDA-rated white epoxy coated aluminum with stainless-steel hardware
  • Overcome intermittent peak loads with 200% peak starting torque; torque limiting protects equipment from damage
  • 16-kHz switching frequency for quieter motor operation

Wood Dale, Ill.
(866) 993-2624
Circle 246

High-power drives

High-power VLT 5000 variable frequency drives offer flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and reliability to satisfy constant or variable torque demands.


  • Available in 125 to 500 hp and 40 to 350 hp
  • Modular construction; enclosures include chassis/IP00, NEMA1/IP21, and NEMA12/IP54
  • Come with easy retrofit operating software and options
  • FLUX version provides servo-like performance with asynchronous ac motors

Loves Park, Ill.
(800) 432-6367
Circle 247

Industrial ac drive

Reliance Electric GV6000 multipurpose ac drive provides simplicity and flexibility in a compact, zero-stacking design for high power density applications.


  • Seven frame sizes from 0.5 to 200 hp and 480 V; 240 and 600 V available
  • Control methods include general purpose (V/Hz), sensorless vector control, and flux vector control with or without encoder feedback
  • Operator interface module provides metering, programming, and operator control
  • Easy to set-up using TAB programming and self-prompting start-up screens

Greenville, S.C.
(864) 297-4800
Circle 248