The engineers at Eye Safety Systems Inc., Sun Valley, Idaho (, have developed the latest in protective eyewear for military and safety forces. Turbofan goggles include a small battery-powered, two-speed fan that draws fresh air into the goggles and expels warm, humid air. This prevents fogging, and the fan operates for over 50 hr on the lowspeed setting. The optically correct polycarbonate lenses are 2.8-mm thick and will stop pellets from a shotgun blast at 35 ft. The lenses also provide UVA and UVB protection. Lenses can be replaced, and there are versions that protect against lasers. If the goggles are going to be worn in a dirty environment, tear-off covers can be attached to the lenses. Then, if mud or dirt obstructs vision, users simply tear off a cover to clear the view. The company also makes a version that fits over prescription glasses.