It captures and processes 126 frames in 2 binning mode or 63 full-frame images in 1 sec. It has 32 Mbytes of onboard SDRAM image and data memory with 4 Mbytes of Flash EPROM for data and program storage, and a 128-Mbyte SD card. It also comes with process IOs, outputs for lighting control, progressive scan CCD, instant trig-gering, full-frame integration, electronic shutter, and Fast-Ethernet and RS-232. The camera's high-speed trigger input with constant capture delay allows jitter-free images even at high speeds. The built-in 800 600 resolution SVGA video output with 8-bit color overlay can serve as a user interface for setup or visual aid during processing. The camera is equipped with a variety of communications protocols including TCP/IP, UDP, FTP, SMTP, socket support, a Telnet-server and an HTTP server.

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