Integrated servogearmotors from Bayside Motion Group power two-axis pick-and-place equipment used for transferring bar-coded sample trays.

Integrated servogearmotors from Bayside Motion Group, Port Washington, N.Y. (, let a maker of high-capacity storage systems quickly transfer bar-coded sample trays. The X-Z pick-and-place units (32 axes for initial installation) give servo performance yet are about 20% shorter in length than equivalent separate motor-gearhead packages. Both units have integral encoders and the Z-axis motor has a brake. The integral design also simplifies installation and eliminates potential alignment problems.

RTS Life Sciences International, Mt. Laurel, N.J. (, uses the equipment to move trays between holding locations, batching stations for localized sorting, and a conveyor line. Each station handles up to 360 sample trays/hr. Doing so requires travel speeds of 1 m/sec, accelerations of 5 m/sec2, and multiposition location accuracy of 0.15 mm with loads to 14 kg.

"The Bayside product met our design specs and it's off the shelf," says Tony Ashworth, RTS senior mechanical engineer. "These are important metrics for equipment that runs 24/7."