Nytemp self-locking patches maintain torque and stable clamp loads despite temperatures of 450°F (232°C), freeing designers from the 250°F limit of traditional materials. The patches are made of temperature-resistant polymer that is applied to internally or externally threaded parts. The patches meet torque and vibration requirements of MIL-STD-1312 #7 and work with aerospace and defense fastener alloys such as A286, Inco718, and Cres300 Series. They also meet and exceed government and industry specifications such as IFI-124, IFI-524, IFI-155, IFI-555, MIL-DTL-18240F, MIL-QPL-18240, NAS-1189, NAS-1190, and Detroit Diesel TES-113. The material also meets low-outgassing specifications in NASA SP-R-0022A.

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