The new SLG Series of rotary servo gearmotors from Exlar, Chanhassen, Minn. (, features segmented motor stators for higher performance. Each segment on the stator has individual phase wiring to limit heat generation and increase torque. The UL-recognized motors are available in three frame sizes, 20, 90, and 115 mm, each with double or single reductions ranging from 4:1 to 100:1. The small-frame motor, the SLG060, puts out 340 lb-in. at 1,250 rpm; the SLG 090 generates 1,550 lb-in. at 1,000 rpm; and the SLG115 reduces 2,900 lb-in. at 750 rpm. One, two, and three-stack lengths are available.

The brushless servo design can be used in closed-loop systems which require electronic control of position and velocity. The gearmotors also feature 10 arc-min of backlash, an integrated armature and sungear, IP65 sealing, MS connectors, 115, 230 and 460-Vrms motor voltages, and feedback configurations for nearly any servoamplifier.