This feature allows handling most computation tasks through its command-line interface, scripting capabilities, and 500 commands for numeric computations and visualization.

The software's graphical-user interface encourages use of a consistent system of engineering units. The software presents each parameter with an appropriate unit. Users select from nine common engineering unit systems.

A moving-mesh mode lets models simulate geometries with moving parts such as those in MEMS, piezoelectrics, and biology applications as well as free-surface flow and natural wave effects. Improved solvers handle models with millions of degrees of freedom and calculate the answers faster than before.

New solvers address larger problems at faster speeds. The package lets users solve fluid-flow problems 10 times larger than before. Predefined multiphysics-application modes make it fast and easy to set up common coupled-physics models that involve electrothermal, fluid-thermal, fluid-chemical, and thermalstructural interactions. Because the couplings are already set up, the modeling process becomes as easy as for single-physics problems. The software reads geometry files created with all widely used CAD programs.

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